Wedding Elements

I will bring a beautiful, loving and warm ambience to your wedding ceremony. Creating an extraordinary and memorable wedding ceremony begins with your vision of your special celebration.  What qualities do you want your ceremony to reflect? Elegance? Joyfulness? Spirituality? I suggest incorporating inspiring uplifting readings that speak to you personally or to the sacredness of marriage.


Your ceremony can be any length, and religious or non-religious. The structure of the wedding ceremony can be expanded or contracted, but it must contain the California Legal Vows, which are the “I do’s”.


These elements comprise the foundational structure of a wedding ceremony:



Presentation of the Bride

Welcoming of Guests


Parent Appreciation

Opening Blessing, or Opening Reading

Reading about Marriage

Personal Vows

California Legal Vows

Ring Ceremony

Closing Blessing or Closing Reading


The Kiss



I truly get to know my wedding couples.  In my Welcome, I deliver an original narrative which expresses who you are as Bride and Groom, how you fell in love, and the amazing adventures that brought you to this most special day in your lives. I profoundly

express why you love each other.  I recount funny or heartwarming stories about your courtship.  This part of the ceremony deeply engages you, and engages all of your guests. It is personal, light and meaningful.


I encourage the inclusion of some aspects of family cultures, religious backgrounds, and traditions to add profound aliveness to the ceremony.


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Some of the many elements that can be added to your ceremony are:

From the Jewish tradition:

The Symbolism of the Chuppah

The Meaning of Mazel Tov

The Seven Blessings

Breaking of the Glass


From the Christian tradition:

Biblical Readings

Unity Candle Lighting

Hand Fasting

Blessings of the Hands


From the Chinese tradition:

Tea Ceremony


Other Wedding Elements:

Wine Box Ceremony

Sand Ceremony

Blending of Two Families

Family Vows

Including family members, dear friends, and children

Native American Blessings


I look forward to weaving together your special love story with grace and spirituality to create a magnificent, extraordinary ceremony!