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Each ceremony I create is a work of art.  I craft a beautiful and exquisite tapestry of your personal love story with love, joy and lightness.


Every wedding, from a small elopement to a more elaborate extravagant celebration, deserves a beautiful and deeply meaningful ceremony.


My testimonials express the extent to which I immerse my heart and soul into each ceremony and express a personalized and perfect creation for each wedding couple. 


My fees are mid-range for Santa Barbara, Ventura and Los Angeles Counties.  They reflect my experience, expertise, and the hours I spend interviewing the wedding couple, researching, writing, emailing, and conducting Skype and FaceTime meetings.  Please contact me to discuss pricing for your ceremony.


I guide the Bride and Groom through the wedding license process and provide information to obtain copies of the wedding license.  I arrive early at your ceremony for sound check.


I look forward to meeting you and helping you create the heartfelt ceremony of your dreams!

Officiating Details


My fee includes all emails, FaceTime meet-ups, collaborating, and creating a beautiful, meaningful, and highly personalized ceremony. 


Impeccable attention to detail:

Clarification of wedding vision and the feeling tone the wedding couple desires. 


Guiding the couple through obtaining their marriage license and the process of obtaining certified copies.


Creating a flow for the ceremony with elements that are meaningful and beautiful. 


Honoring the wedding couple’s parents and grandparents in the ceremony.


Guiding the wedding couple through the creation and presentation of personal vows. Reading the Bride’s and Groom’s personal vows ensures they are similar in tone, texture, and length. Encouraging the couple to practice reciting their vows. 


Helping with musical selections.  Providing musicians with verbal queues for the music during the ceremony. 


Providing the Wedding Coordinator with a ceremony outline, a timeline of ceremony elements, a description of the ceremony flow, and a list of the items for the altar table.


Giving the wedding couple a timeline to complete the major elements and all pieces of the ceremony four weeks ahead of the wedding day, enables them to feel relaxed, mindful, and fully present during their ceremony.  This timeline gives the wedding couple time to focus on small details with the wedding coordinator.


Holding the wedding couple in a loving presence as they move through this process. 


Presenting a moving, heart-opening,  uplifting, and inspiring ceremony.

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